Average Salary of a Licensed Vocational Nurse

The average salary of a Licensed Vocational Nurse, or LVN, will vary depending on several factors that we will discuss here.
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Average Salary of a Licensed Vocational Nurse

Have you just started considering a career as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and are now wondering about the type of salary you can expect? Of course, this is a common concern for anyone who is starting a new career. However, the salary you will earn as a licensed vocational nurse will vary depending on several factors that we will discuss below.

Factors that Can Affect Salary

There are many factors that can affect your salary as an LVN. However, the most common determining factors include location, employer, job status, education and experience level. For example, some employers and states offer higher salaries than others. Additionally, LVNs who possess more education and experience often earn higher salaries than those who have no or some experience and only the recommended minimum education.

Salary Range and Average Salary

As of the year 2020, the overall national average salary for LVNs was $48,820 per year. Nevertheless, the salary range for LVNs in 2020 was less than $35,570 per year-more than $65,520 per year. Where your salary will be on this spectrum depends on the factors described above.

Highest-Paid LVNs By Type

As stated above, your employer and job status are two factors that can determine how much money you earn as an LVN. Some employers simply pay their LVNs more than other employers do, and the facility or specialty you choose may offer a higher or lower salary as well. Listed below, you will find some of the highest-paid LVNs by type.

  • Hedis Review Nurse LVNs - $70,000 Per Year
  • Case Manager LVNs - $65,000 Per Year
  • Staffing Recruiter LVNs - $61,000 Per Year
  • Hedis LVNs - $55,000 Per Year
  • LVNs in Correctional Facilities - $47,000 Per Year
  • LVN Instructors - $46,000 Per Year

Highest-Paying States

There is a great need for LVNs all over the country; however, some states offer better salaries to their LVNs than other states. Whether you have finished training to become an LVN or would like to begin a training program, the list below will help you determine which states offer the best salaries for licensed vocational nurses.

  • Alaska - $67,620 Per Year
  • California - $64,090 Per Year
  • Massachusetts - $60,400 Per Year
  • Washington - $59,780 Per Year
  • Nevada - $59,700 Per Year

If you are thinking about becoming a licensed vocational nurse and are like most other people today, you would probably like to find out what type of salary you can earn in the profession. Basically, the wage you will earn as an LVN depends on several factors as described previously. However, you will find average LVN salaries listed above.

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